New Eclectic® for fasades
26.02.2020 - Products

Magnificent facades with ArcelorMittal Construction new Eclectic® 30 profile

Magnificent facades with ArcelorMittal Construction new Eclectic® 30 profile

After the launch of a first asymmetrical profile with bar code effect, ArcelorMittal reveals a more flexible and airy layout that offers a more subtle game of shadow and light.

The architectural trend for random wave profiles is in full swing. In 2015 ArcelorMittal Construction renewed its range with the creation of the steel cladding profile Eclectic® 50, with variable geometric shapes inspired by the "bar code" shape.

This new profile offers an asymmetry allowing moving façades with dynamic relief and unique appearance. The success achieved by Eclectic® 50 with its partners through the realization of magnificent projects, encourages the specialist of constructive solutions to design a new version of the profile: Eclectic® 30.

Eclectic® 30, the subtle profile

While Eclectic® 50 stresses on lines and depth, the new Eclectic® - version 30B / HB - offers a lighter shadow and light game.

Usable as single or double skin cladding, Eclectic® 30 is available in two combinable versions (9.56.30B / HB & 9.61.30B / HB) and lengths up to 10 meters for vertical installation and 7.5 meters for horizontal installation.

Eclectic® 30 offers a new aesthetic that contributes to the renewal of industrial facades looks. It is made not only for the industrial market, but also for the commercial and the residential markets. It is compatible with external thermal insulation systems.


Like Eclectic® 50, Eclectic® 30 has a so-called left type geometry, and a right type geometry. These 2 types can be combined on the same facade, allowing to present a random frame of 2 x 900 mm, i.e. a unique design on 1800 mm (combination possible only in non-metallic colors).

Eclectic®, a range of asymmetrical profiles for animated facades

The Eclectic® range takes shape, their geometries can furthermore both be used as cladding or as facade cladding in accordance with professional implementation rules.

To qualify the rendering of the facades, the two solutions, 700 mm wide and 900 mm wide respectively, and with distinct depths (50 mm and 30 mm) - can also be combined as desired.

The entire range can be supplied on request in all colors, finishes and aspects of the Colorissime® color chart.

The result of close collaboration between ArcelorMittal Construction prescribing teams and its partner clients, Eclectic® steel cladding profiles lead the way. With their very contemporary geometries, unusual and unexpected, these creations meet the desires of architects, project designers ... The company demonstrates its ability to renew its offer continuously.