SPANer - The intuitive program for dimensioning profiled sheet metal for the constructors !
15.02.2023 - Innovation

From 1 March 2023, you will find a new version of ArcelorMittal Construction's software to assist in the selection of Hacierco and Hacieba profiled sheets.

The programme runs in your browser and does not require anything to be installed on your computer. It is therefore possible - after creating an account and using your own password - to open it on any computer or even your mobile: wherever you need it. All that is required is internet access.

The programme is available at and registration is very simple and should take no more than 2 minutes.

SPANer offers the possibility to select one of several languages. As a result, both calculation and subsequent report generation are possible not only in Polish.

We have made every effort to make the use of SPANer as intuitive as possible. To make it even easier to use the programme, we will be releasing instructional videos and pdf presentations showing step-by-step the possibilities of the tool.

To get started, all you need to do is enter some essential information such as the profile sheet to be used, the % of use of the profile's load-bearing capacity, the allowable deflection arrow, the width of the supports and the safety coefficients. In the next step, we can clearly define the static system, its span and sheet arrangement, and finally add the loads evenly distributed over the whole span as well as any loads in a particular span - and we can start the calculation! With everything displayed in a single browser window, it is easy to make corrections, optimise or start the calculation of the next example.

The new version of the program has been supplemented by features such as double sheeting, bracing on supports and cantilevers. The addition and editing of loads is also transparent and allows complex design situations to be reproduced.

To make work even easier at different stages of documentation detail or when looking for optimisation, the programme also allows you to return to your projects at any time and edit them after saving. It is also possible to duplicate specific calculation items in order to check further variants.

We encourage you to use it free of charge!

Should you have any problems, the Technical Team of ArcelorMittal Construction Polska will be happy to clarify any doubts.

We are constantly developing our software. We believe that our SPANer, thanks to its accessibility, intuitive use, functionality and clarity, will make your work easier and will allow you to make the best possible selection of the sections offered by ArcelorMittal Construction.