Coque MD®

The "Coque MD®" is an open joint wall cassette for flat facade. This cassette is installed on a supporting specially designed rail which makes the fasteners invisible

  • Height: 300 to 3800mm - Lenght: 300 to 3000mm
  • Invisible fixings , installation on vertical aluminium rails with clamps
  • Gauge:  Steel: 1,5 mm à 2mm and Aluminium: 1,5 à 3 mm
  • Recessed joints de 5 à 30 mm
  • Perforations possible (after validation)
  • Horizontal or vertical set out of joints
  • The cassette " coque MD" is design for  installing on masonry walls, concrete walls, or steel trays for new buildings or renovation, blind walls or wall with punched windows
  • Technical agreement  CSTB, as per  " cahier N°3747 de mai 2014 « Guide d’évaluation des ouvrages de bardage incorporant des parements traditionnels en clins ou lames et cassettes métalliques ».
  • Individual removable, it is possible to change a Coque MD® panel placed in the middle of a façade without having to take down a full row of panels or a complete gable wall.
  • Discover this product video
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