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Because ArcelorMittal Construction is the only manufacturer in Europe to have complete control of the coil coating process – all the way from substrate to finished product, we can offer the widest choice of finishes, textures and colours and complete customisation to suit any aesthetic or technical requirement.

Our integrated supply chain means we can also be flexible on lead times and work around your project schedule to ensure that product is delivered on time and in full.

Our range includes iridescent, pearlescent, metallic and satin finishes, as well as impressive faux textures and an outstanding palette of colour choices within our Colorissime® range.



If you want something truly bespoke for your project, you can use our colour matching service to pair any colour you choose with a selection of our high-performance coatings. We’ve helped customers to create more than 2000 different colours up to now, so if you want to match a very specific shade or just need to comply with brand guidelines, just let us know and we will be able to help.



For areas vulnerable to graffiti damage, we can apply our Flontec® protective treatment to the pre-painted steel during production. This is a transparent, organic coating which makes it easy to remove unsightly spray can tags or marker pen graffiti with just cold tap water using a sponge, brush or low-pressure power washer.

No more requirement for hazardous chemical cleaning and only minimal health and safety training required for operatives.

Flontec® is available as an option on our Prestige, Texture, Excellence and Freedom Colorissime® coating ranges.

•    Prestige : Intense, Pearl, Irysa®
•    Texture : Edyxo®
•    Excellence : R’Unik® and Hairexcel®
•    Freedom : Hairplus® and Hairultra®



Muralys® is a truly innovative steel printing process which brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘architectural freedom’. Available as a finish on a wide range of ArcelorMittal Construction coatings, it allows clients and architects to print any image they choose onto their façade.

The image can come from a graphic or a photo or we offer a number of standard reproducible visuals which customers can choose if they prefer. Using molecular digital transfer, the print resolution is outstanding, so the only limitation is your imagination and creativity.


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